DatePresenterPaper Title
02/02/2024Marzi HeidariInstanT: Semi-supervised Learning with Instance-dependent Thresholds
19/01/2024Abdullah AlchihabiScaling Data-Constrained Language Models
14/12/2023Qing EnSegment Everything Everywhere All at Once
02/11/2023Hanping ZhangImitating Human Behavior with Diffusion Models
19/10/2023Hao YanSiamese Masked Autoencoders
05/10/2023Yan YanMulti-Label Knowledge Distillation
14/09/2023Abdullah AlchihabiRLAIF: Scaling Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback with AI Feedback
07/07/2023Qing EnInteresting topics from CVPR-2023
16/06/2023Hanping ZhangGPT-4 Technical Report
09/06/2023Abdullah AlchihabiLanguage Models are Unsupervised Multitask Learners & Language Models are Few-Shot Learners
02/06/2023Marzi HeidariImproving Language Understanding by Generative Pre-Training
07/04/2023Yan YanKD-DLGAN: Data Limited Image Generation via Knowledge Distillation
24/03/2023Hao YanAdding Conditional Control to Text-to-Image Diffusion Models
17/03/2023Mozhan SaeedidehshaliHow Transferable are Video Representations Based on Synthetic Data?
10/03/2023Marzi HeidariSmoothed Adaptive Weighting for Imbalanced Semi-Supervised Learning: Improve Reliability Against Unknown Distribution Data
03/03/2023Hanping ZhangTraining language models to follow instructions with human feedback
10/02/2023Abdullah AlchihabiWhat Makes a Good Data Augmentation in Knowledge Distillation – A Statistical Perspective
03/02/2023Qing EnMulti-Level Representation Learning with Semantic Alignment for Referring Video Object Segmentation