DatePresenterPaper Title
19/07/2024Abdullah AlchihabiStealing Part of a Production Language Model
15/03/2024Hanping ZhangA Connection between One-Step RL and Critic Regularization in Reinforcement Learning
01/03/2024Hao YanImproving Convergence and Generalization Using Parameter Symmetries
02/02/2024Marzi HeidariInstanT: Semi-supervised Learning with Instance-dependent Thresholds
19/01/2024Abdullah AlchihabiScaling Data-Constrained Language Models
14/12/2023Qing EnSegment Everything Everywhere All at Once
02/11/2023Hanping ZhangImitating Human Behavior with Diffusion Models
19/10/2023Hao YanSiamese Masked Autoencoders
05/10/2023Yan YanMulti-Label Knowledge Distillation
14/09/2023Abdullah AlchihabiRLAIF: Scaling Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback with AI Feedback